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TCCC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care

April 20-21, 2015 - Miami, FL

Learn the skills necessary to manage the trauma patient in high risk situations. TCCC was developed from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Lessons learned over the past decade are combined with cutting edge trauma techniques to best manage the trauma patient.

This is the official NAEMT course and is for the EMT, Paramedic, LEO, and other first responders. Prepare yourself to manage casualties in active shooter, terrorist, domestic disputes and virtually any other scenario where immediate medical support may be delayed.

Learn to control hemorrhaging with combat gauze and tourniquets, advanced airway procedures utilizing chest seals, needle decompression, and more. You will be managing trauma on a high fidelity simulator mannequin that talks, bleeds, and breaths. You will learn to use a tourniquet on wounds that respond to pressure, not by placing them on your battle buddy. This is realistic training that will save lives.

Tuition is $350 and includes the TCCC Textbook.

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If you are unable to attend training in Miami but interested in attending a local training event, please EMAIL the training office and we will bring the TCCC Course to your area.

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